Diana Johnson Interior Design and Space Planning

Space Planning is quite simply the planning of space. Interior designers, architects, builders, and landscape designers know this step in the design process very well - the first and foremost phase in the design process. In interior design, space planning is the development of an interior floor plan to support the client's requirements and lifestyle. These guidelines typically consist of architecturally designing any space with all the amenities (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, walls, and furnishings) to create spaces that are more functional and have better flow for their occupants. In addition to the standard amenities, these plans can also include improved sound and light control in and around the spaces.

Space layout and flow are both very important foundations that need to be tackled before starting any building or remodeling project. Keeping in mind that the blueprint (drawing) stage is the least expensive time to make changes - this is the best time to bring an interior designer into your home design project. Trained to look for potential problems that may arise during the project or in the future, we at Fifth Wall Design Group go into great detail to design a plan that works in the conceptual stage AND as a finished project.